You can almost get addicted to exercising. This is because exercise releases endorphins, which provides a sense of euphoria. It also lessens anxiety. Some people feel more in control or powerful when exercising. Given that we place so much importance on looking good, many find it difficult to even admit that they might be over-exercising.

When you are just starting out, full-body workouts every other day are perfect. You hit every muscle group in every workout, or 3x/wk per muscle. That also means each muscle (in fact, your whole body) rests only about 48 hrs.

But the more experienced you are, the more you’ll need extra recovery days. That’s mainly because (presumably) you are learning to be more intense with each workout as you get more experienced. For the mid-experienced lifter, 72 to 96 hrs is usually perfect.

Pro or experienced body-builders end up often resting each muscle 6 or 7 days before working it again. That’s why 3-way split routines, with lots of isolation movements, are ok for body-builders.

General guideline: just starting out – tend towards 2 days; mid-level experience – tend towards 3 days; very advanced lifters – tend towards letting each muscle recover a full week.

We need to remember, muscle recovery and rest is just as important as training!

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