Leg day… the most feared day of the entire workout week. This is the day that so many people skip, but should they?

Here are 3 reasons not to skip leg day:

1. It can be a pain in the back! When you only focus on the upper body you leave your legs weak, weak legs and weak glutes can put a lot of strain on the lower back when training, this can lead to discomfort or back problems.

2. You will have faster fat loss! It’s simple, your legs burn more calories. They are a huge muscle group and use a lot of energy. You can shred the fat off your rig faster if you consistently work your legs.

3. Growth Hormone! Bigger legs means bigger performance. Working the big leg muscles forces the body to release more GH. This helps with the growth of all the muscles in your body… and who doesn’t want that!

Real friends never let mates skip leg day… So don’t skip leg day!

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