Although it’s common knowledge that eating fewer calories can help you lose body fat, some people go to extremes. Using a very low-calorie meal plan for months on end can actually do more harm than good. A very low calorie eating plan creates a stressful environment for your body. Add in intense exercise and your cortisol levels could stay high for an extended period. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and one of its functions is to increase blood sugar and hold onto body fat. Cortisol release is good for fat metabolism early in your day, but chronic cortisol release can lead to adverse health effects along with visceral fat stores in your belly. Researchers suggest that chronically elevated cortisol levels may lead to overeating, which is clearly unhelpful if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake. AbStacker recommendation Firstly, the calorie number you set should be sustainable and a number you can comfortably maintain while dropping body fat or building muscle. I recommend you should be eating as many calories as possible while still losing body fat. Your weight won’t come off as quickly, but your body will be less stressed. When your body is happier, you’ll be able to be in a caloric deficit for longer without the risks. You will also have enough energy from food you’re eating so you can smash your training, family and work commitments. You will be able to live life to the fullest and dominate while obtaining your dream body. Though every situation and body is unique, it’s important to take a break from your eating plan to allow your body to recover from stress. I recommend a 1 week break after 10 weeks of maintaining an intense calorie deficit. I also recommend scheduling ‘Victory Meals’. I would recommend enjoying a victory meal after following an eating plan for 2 weeks and if you on the leaner side of things for guys under 8 % body fat and females under 12 % body fat you afford to eat a ‘victory meal’ once a week. Enjoy your life after being committed for 2 week or 1 week. Have some Pizza, Chinese, whatever you feel like let your hair down a little. Take your partner out for a meal or go out for a feed with the gang. It will actually do your body good. Short breaks in your eating plan can help your metabolism and improve your performance in the gym. Stay Healthy and Humble Be Kinder than Expected Deliver More than is Needed SHATTER YOUR LIMITS Yours truly in helping others Ben AbStacker


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