When you are attempting to transformation your body there are three important factors that come into play I believe: your eating plan, training and your mindset. Mindset is everything especially with nutrition.

Sticking to an eating plan and getting epic results all comes down to having and maintaining the right mindset.

Does this sound familiar you have been invited to a team lunch for a work celebration. You’re on an eating plan and started making positive lifestyle changes. During the lunch everyone orders burgers and chips, pizzas and all the tasty stuff you like. The waiter comes to you and you bravely order the “chicken breast with salad”. The table goes silent and you get a few weird looks. But you stay strong during the lunch. Then your teammates order drinks and a few cheeky beers. Again you stay committed and get the water. You should be feeling proud but you’re not, because you really want that beer and pizza. You find yourself feeling left out and frustrated.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been in this situation before and you can literally feel your willpower starting to crumble. So like most people you drop your guard for 30 seconds and order the restaurants famous Double Dark Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling to have with a coffee. SNAP! You have just dropped the ball. We have all been there and dropped that ball.

Now eating your favourite dessert, and enjoy every bite. Afterwards the guilt kicks in. No the dessert isn’t going to be help you get ripped BUT relax it’s not the end of the world. That cupcake won’t completely destroy your daily and weekly eating plan progress. The problem is the people let that one single cupcake ruin the rest of their healthy eating for the day. So the ripple effect starts. I know for most of my online clients when they slip up at lunch then they will let the hair down at dinner that night and get the burger they missed out on at lunch “thinking oh well I had the cupcake so my day is ruined and I can start again tomorrow” or better still “I will start my eating plan again on Monday” This is where the Monday mindset comes into play. Most people get into the mindset of carrying over that small slip up into the next day. Say the next day is a Friday, they wake up and grab the bacon and egg roll for breakfast, then a snack with some banana bread and coffee, BBQ chicken and chips for lunch, a few chocolate biscuits in the afternoon then takeaway food for dinner usually with a bottle of wine. Then HERE IT COMES the famous “I’ll start again on Monday”. I have done exactly that before. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday is spent off track and binge eating till that magical Monday.

The Magic Monday Mindset

We all know gyms are the busiest on Mondays because everyone is busting their arses to work off all the calories they consumed over the weekend. They have started the week off strong but then the temptations come and some give in by Wednesday.

Monday’s are most people’s favourite day to start something or restart something. I know I love Mondays for this reason.  Most of my online clients I have coached begin their eating plans on Mondays along with the training program. We have all heard and I have even said some of these famous Monday one-liners

“I will start my new eating plan on Monday. This is going to be my last burger, coke and fries before I begin my transformation and shred again on Monday”

“This will be the last time I sleep in. I am going to do my HIIT and abs workouts starting Monday morning next week”

Once people are in the process of a transformation by following an eating plan and training regime, it only takes a few little slip ups then straight away they are looking for next Monday to save them. The magic Monday mindset will always give you a second, third and fourth chance. Well I have missed 2 workouts because I had a hectic week at work. I will just take the rest of the week off and start again on Monday.

I had a few beers for my best mate’s birthday. But starting on Monday I am back on track no more drinking.

The Monday mindset mistake encourages you to give up when you’re close to the finish line because you think it’s cool I can all start over again on Monday … well ITS NOT!  This mindset will keep in the vicious cycle of no progress. You will constantly being struggling with your eating plan. More than likely, you’ll become another victim and give up due to frustration.

A person a lot smarter than me Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yet we all make the same mistake over and over again with Monday.

So how do we beat the Monday mindset? This is what I tell my online clients.

AbStackers tips to get out of the Monday mindset

1. There is no Reset button

A successful body and mind transformation is a continuous process of following a structured eating plan and training for an extended period of time. So you are making it almost impossible to change and transform by hitting the reset button.

ALSO there is nothing special about Monday, you don’t burn more calories on Monday due to the Earth’s gravitational pull. Just because it’s the beginning of the workweek doesn’t mean you can lift more weight.

Once you accept and figure out Monday is just a normal day you won’t go for the famous option of I will ‘start again on Monday’ or restart your eating plan and program after a few slip ups mid week. A little tip I use for clients is to have the training regime start on a Wednesday or Friday. This keeps training over the weekend and focused from moving on from the slips ups that are likely to occur.

2. Fail small Fail Fast 

Many successful entrepreneurs always give the advice fail small fail fast. Your failures will build your character and you will fail your way too success.

The key to sticking to an eating plan is failing small and failing fast. What I mean by that is if you make the mistake of enjoying of grandmas delicious homemade cookies, get it over and let it go. Just make sure you work extra in the gym and put those extra calories to good use.

Just like me most of my online clients always identify cheating their eating plan as the biggest hurdle.  So when you make a mistake, move on and accept don’t let it be an excuse to go mental on the food and not train for the rest of the week.

In my e-books series I teach readers how to develop both the mindset and discipline to manage calories and slip-ups. Most

Just remember that slipping up on one meal isn’t the end of the world or is missing one day of training going to kill you.

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