Do not use high reps to stimulate fat loss. All weight training will stimulate the metabolism and cause a calories to burn. No one rep range will cause significant fat loss over another. The right eating plan and cardio should be the primary tools you use to shed fat and get lean. Let the weight build muscle, let your diet cut the fat.

If you’re an athlete and your primary goal is strength and power for improved sports performance, then a good majority of your training is going to be in the 1-5 rep range. This will help make you stronger, faster and more powerful without adding muscle bulk. If you’re a bodybuilder and your primary goal is muscle mass, then the majority of your training should be done in the 6-12 rep range, but you should also do a little bit of training in the 3-5 rep range for power and strength, which will later facilitate hypertrophy (the increase in the volume and size), and you should do a little bit of training in the 13-20+ rep range to facilitate the development of slow twitch muscle fibers, build mitochondrial density and increase capillarization.

It’s also important to leave the ‘Ego’ at the door when it comes to weightlifting. If you go to heavy with your weights you could be sacrificing the correct form. Correct form and full movements will build bigger, more balanced muscle than over doing it with the weights to look good.

So get out there, lift brutally heavy weight (within your ability lol), achieve skin tearing pumps, and burn it out with high reps. Do this and you’ll be good to grow!

Stay Healthy and Humble Be Kinder than Expected Deliver More than is Needed SHATTER YOUR LIMITS Yours truly in helping others AbStacker


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