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Summer Shred Package - $119

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Please see Eating Plans

AbStacker’s Summer Shred Package

Summer’s coming, the Summer Shred package is ideal for anyone looking to trim down for summer, it’s time to lose body fat, get in shape and look good. Here’s a supplement, diet and training plan that can help you do just that.

This package includes the following:
1. AbStacker’s personalised 2 Week Shred eating plan, normally $99.95.
2. AbStacker’s training guide for a ripped rig, normally $19.95.
3. AbStacker’s Abs Encyclopedia – 101 Ab Exercises, normally $29.95.
4. AbStacker’s 2kg Protein powder, normally $99 (Australia only).
5. AbStacker 24/7 Email Support.

Total value $249.80

The principals used in these eating plans are the exact same principals Ben has used to achieve the results and physique he is known for today. Ben has phenomenal success using this program to get his male and female clients in the best shape of their lives, helping them feel confident about how they look and feel

“If I can do it, then so can you, try it for yourself, you deserve it!”
Ben Handsaker

AbStacker’s Healthy Lifestyle eating plan


AbStacker’s Healthy Lifestyle eating plan

This plan is for those looking to improve their general health, sleep patterns and energy levels. Following this eating plan with the right nutrition is the best way to to create a healthy lifestyle routine. Feel the confidence in knowing that you’re eating the right foods, at the right time and in the right amounts.

$69.95 Value!

AbStacker’s Workout Programs.


AbStacker’s total-body workout programs

The AbStacker total-body workout gives you the blueprint for losing weight toning up and feeling great. Have confidence that you have the knowledge and guidance you need in the gym to help you achieve your goals.

$19.95 Value!

AbStacker’s Ultimate Abs, 101 Ab Exercises


AbStacker’s Abs Encyclopedia – 101 Abs Exercises

Find the Ab work out that’s right for you, learn new effective ways to train your Abs and get them popping the AbStacker way. Ben Handsaker has put together the most comprehensive selection of Ab exercises to change the way we think about Abs training. If you hate crunches, we’ll help you find an exercise you’ll like.

$29.95 Value!

AbStacker HPLC Protein


AbStacker HPLC Protein

AbStackers High Protein, Low Carb powder is your ultimate source of everyday protein. The AbStacker HPLC protein blend has high levels of protein, low carbs, low in fat and is high in branched chain amino acids. It has been designed to meet your training goals, AbStackers HPLC assists maximum muscle growth and recovery. It’s easy mixing and tastes great!

2KG – $99.00 Value!

Please note we can only deliver within Australia.
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