I have religiously been using protein powders for the past 6 years during my transformation from a chubby and fat hopeful to one of Australia’s top fitness models. I have gone from beginner to intermediate and now to advanced levels of fitness and training. I have tried over 30 different brands and formulas. I have used all the different types whether it was whey concentrate, casein, whey isolate, hydrolysate, soy, milk protein isolate or egg albumin. I have also used protein powder in my 1st meal in the morning, meal replacements, afternoon snack, pre workout and post workout. So you can understand why I was after the ideal protein mix.

Firstly I will say there are so many awesome protein brands out there that taste great and do the job! However most of the proteins I used were always missing something, whether it was the right macronutrient breakdowns, BCAAS, taste like balls or didn’t dissolve properly. All the protein powders I’ve tried would get 4 of 5 things correct but would always miss on one thing or another. So I knew exactly what I needed to do, make the perfect protein powder. I definitely knew it wouldn’t be easy!

I searched high and low and all over the world for the correct ingredients. I decided to use a Hydrolysate protein mix, yes it is the most expensive source of protein you will find on the markets these days but it is also the highest quality of protein available. This type of protein allows amino acids to be absorbed by the body more rapidly than intact proteins, thus maximising nutrient delivery to muscle tissue giving a great anabolic effect (highest absorption rate of the proteins available). Also hydrolysate protein is also easy on the digestive system.

I’ve also made sure the AbStacker protein blend contains levels or WPC and WPI. Whey Protein Concentrate to maintain an ideal macronutrient balance and help maximise muscle hypertrophy. And Whey Protein Isolate for its high percentage of pure protein and high concentration of branched-chain amino acids.

AbStacker protein can be used effectively as a protein for a meals, pre or post workout, to help maintain blood amino acids to promote an anticatabolic environment.

After plenty of back and forth with samples all over the world, and even after a few visits to manufactures in the US I finally found a protein source that comes from grass fed cows. This Whey Protein Powder is minimally processed and is guaranteed to have exceptional nutritional value. I also went for a High Protein low Carb macronutrient breakdown as I find it the most effective for maintaining lean muscle mass and burning body fat. This protein mixes beautifully with water and blends beautifully for shakes. It also tastes DELICIOUS! So good that I use the chocolate flavour on my double espresso in the morning with a teaspoon of cinnamon. I call it the Stacker Mocca. The vanilla blend goes well with all different types of foods and complements most flavours.

Our whey blend has the full spectrum amino acid profile and all of the nutritional cofactors still intact. I managed to even get an extremely highest source of BCAAs per scoop.

Starting out, like most people I got my first tub of protein powder when I joined the gym. I would have a protein shake straight after working out just because I wanted to look like the guy on the tub who was ripped to shreds with a killer 6 pack, and had two hot girls by his side. Yes I admit, it was the labelling on the tub that made me purchase that particular brand ha. So for the AbStacker protein I decided not to have myself on the front or any other ripped model. I just wanted a plain, simple to understand label. I also wanted to invest in the quality of the product not the marketing. I wanted to have a quality protein blend on the shelf that will help everyone get amazing results!

If you are serious about having the best, most muscular, strongest and healthiest body that you can, then AbStacker Protein is for you!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

AbStacker HPLC Protein


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