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Emma A, NSW

Transformation 2015

“Food is great, I don’t feel deprived or restricted. I’m stoked with how I am going and look forward to the next few weeks.”

Jason Y, NSW

Transformation 2015

“Cheers brother. It was insane the amount of energy I got and results I achieved from it.”

Chris T, NSW

Transformation 2014

“AbStacker changed my life. He gave me the confidence to build my dream body and even do a fitness model photoshoot. I can’t thank him enough. Before I underwent the AbStacker transformation I was unhealthy, not happy and weak. Now I love life and live it to the fullest.”

Mark N, NSW

Transformation 2014

“Ben, mate you’re an inspiration. You brought the “machete” out in me! Keep conquering!”

Ingrid D, NSW

Transformation 2014

“Thank you so much for the plan! I’m super excited with the results. And thanks for the opportunity to be featured on your site as well.”

Cam M, NSW

Transformation 2014

“Thank you Ben AbStacker Handsaker”

Zak T, NSW

Transformation 2014

“Thank you Ben AbStacker Handsaker for educating me on how to get stage ready without the tedious and boring meals”

Celine V, Switzerland

Transformation 2014

What can I say? I feel super happy in my body!

I still have more energy, I have the lean body I always wanted, my skin is better and I feel very good mentally, all in one!

Before all, I was able to drop fat, which was my goal: I got from 19.8% to 13% and from a muscle mass of 47 kg / 103.61 lbs a 52 kg / 114.64 lbs (total weight from 61 kg / 134.48 lbs to 59 kg / 130.07 lbs)!

I got on the Transformation Eating Plan of Ben Handsaker – the AbStacker, which was made, of course, with the YOR Health product line!

It changed my life. Even though I am an athlete, I must admit that I used to live quite unhealthily. I had also done the challenge before, but without really focusing on it and having a goal.

Now, I was so motivated by the challenge. I felt that I was now able TO DO IT!

I am a serious person, but having a healthy lifestyle was a real challenge! My disability also makes it hard (balance and coordination limitations due to an accident and brain damage 6 years ago, vision impairment, and chronic tiredness).

But what did I do to get those amazing results?

Firstly, the eating plan with YOR Health products was essential. Many thanks to Ben Handsaker for his fantastic coaching and advice.

I had 6 meals per day including YOR Shakes. After each one, I felt full and satisfied while dropping body fat and building muscle.

Then, I made sure that I slept 6 to 8 hours per night and to have 1 or 2 days rest per week.

Finally, I did one or two sport sessions of 30-60min daily. I trained with a coach more often than before (2x per week now, either pole dancing or at the gym). Moreover, I did horse riding 4-5x per week. And I sometimes went to the gym to do some cardio and abs.

In the 7th week of my challenge, I was competing at the World Equestrian Games (para-equestrian dressage). I felt well prepared and I had a lot of energy and strength. I ended in 12th place!

The most important is that the YOR Health products helped me for two years now from a chronic tiredness. At the age of 23, it is hard… But now I have plenty of energy!! IT’S FANTASIC!

I’d just like to say THANK YOU! I am going to keep on this way of living because I would like to continue developing my body and before all, I enjoy my new lifestyle!

Mike H, NSW AU

Transformation 2014

There are many things in life that are way more important than how you look and your bodyfat percentage. Family, friends, compassion, happiness, career, philanthropy, and personal goals, to name but a few. I love goals, and a personal goal of mine for a long time has been to get in really good shape. Today, after an intense three weeks of incredible, inspirational training by Ben Abstacker Handsaker I hit sub 8% Body fat for the first (and likely last) time. The sublimely talented Nish ✭ Veer was gracious enough to capture that for my grandkids to laugh at down the track. Thanks Ben and Nish!

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