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AbStacker’s Mission Statement

In 2013 I set out with a goal to help 3000 people change their lives through Nutrition, Training and Mindset just like I did. Along the way I quickly realised that the number of people I helped wasn’t really that important at all, it was the fact that I had really been making a difference in the lives of others. We all have what it takes to make a change in our lives, It’s getting started and moving in the right direction that is the hard part. However with the right guidance and encouragement we all find that the journey to success is an enjoyable and rewarding path. My goal now is to continue to help and guide others to make healthy life style choices, and to build a community of like minded people to help and support each other. We all have what it takes, so lets share and enjoy the success.
Ben (AbStacker) Handsaker.

AbStacker TV

Fat to Fitness Model

AbStacker’s guide to a lifestyle transformation.

Eating Plans


AbStacker Personalised Eating Plans designed to help you reach your goals.



AbStacker Protein powder designed to help you get real results.

Recent Articles

One of the biggest weight loss mistakes we all make

When you are attempting to transformation your body there are three important factors that come into play I believe: your eating plan, training and your mindset. Mindset is everything especially with nutrition. Sticking to an eating plan and getting epic

The Foundation Of Building Muscle

Protein is essential for building and maintaining lean mass. If you’re not getting enough protein, it will be very difficult for you to put on muscle, or even keep the muscle you have. As an online trainer, I commonly recommend

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