Mentally Unstoppable, Physically Dominating

With over 1200 courses in 18 subjects, you’re guaranteed to find something that’s right for you.

Let me take you on a journey to
build an unbreakable

YOU are about to go on a journey with me to become the best version of yourself !!!

It will be fun. You will laugh and cry along the way 

I strongly believe MINDSET IS EVERYTHING … 

So the journey starts with you going through 22 mindset courses first at your own pace. 

Your journey starts with course 1. All courses are gated. 

Once you have watched the video, read the descriptions, then pass the quizzes. You complete the course. Once you have passed the course this then unlocks the next course.  Course 2.


You will learn in bite sized chunks. You can do the courses at your own speed, It is expected you will apply what you learn. The only way we truly learn is through action and application. 

Once you have completed all the mindset courses you then unlock the nutrition courses. 

I believe nutrition is the next important pillar you must master to become the best version of yourself. 

So you must then go through all the nutrition courses. 

Once you have completed all the nutrition courses. You unlock the training workouts. You must complete at least level 1 of every workout at home, outdoor and in the gym. 

This is where you become physically dominating. You will feel, look and do amazing things. 

Finally once you have completed all the training workouts. You unlock the 3 different challenges. 

The challenges allow you to apply what you have learned and test yourself. The challenges will push you to become the best version of yourself and conquer your goals. 

Who is with me ? Let’s go let’s go let’s go


Embarking on the path to a fit and healthy body goes beyond mere physical exertion and dietary choices. It begins with cultivating an unbreakable mindset—one that holds the key to unlocking your true potential. The power of mindset cannot be understated, as it forms the bedrock upon which success in fitness and overall well-being is built.


Are you confused by all the diets out there ? AbStacker explains in simple terms how to create an effective eating plan that will work for you and your lifestyle.


The third and final step is learning how to exercise effectively. This involves understanding the different types of exercise and how they can benefit your body. AbStacker shares his own favourite workout routines outdoors, at home and in the gym.


Challenge 1: 30 day, 60 day, 90 alcohol free challenge

Challenge 2: 30 Day Shred - How Can I Lose 5KGS In 1 Month ?

Challenge 3: 69 Goaldiggers challenge

I am
Ben "Abstacker" Handsaker

Ben struggled being overweight, out of shape, depressed and broke. He has battled addictions, bad habits and mental health issues. 

He knows how some of you must feel, he has walked in your shoes and shares his raw and real life lessons of how he completely transformed his life emotionally, mentally and physically.  From fat to Australian fitness model champion then to world record holding endurance athlete. 

Ben took his wounds and put them into wisdom. Leaving his well paid corporate job to become a coach and trainer with the crazy goal of wanting to positively impact 1 million people. 

Ben has successfully coached over 10,000 hours of face to face personal training. He has coached over 1,000 people online and successfully completed over 1000 transformations for clients. 

Ben has worked with females, males, all ages, all races, all shapes, all sizes, all injuries, all occupations and helped everyone he could achieve their goals. 

Ben’s legacy is to share his life lessons, mindset courses, nutritional advice and training regimes with you.   

Ben wants you to become mentally unstoppable and physically dominating (MUPD). 

Ben “AbStacker” Handsaker

Ben has dedicated his life to helping others build a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle through the power of mindset. Ben’s journey began when he struggled with his own health and goals, but through hard work and dedication, he was able to transform his body and his life. Now, he shares his knowledge and expertise with others, providing a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness. Through his website, Ben offers tools and resources to help people overcome limiting beliefs, cultivate a sense of purpose, and achieve their goals.


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