Course 30: Cut vs. Bulk

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There are two strategic diets a person can use during their fitness journey called bulking and cutting. While these strategies are fairly common, you may wonder what they are, how you can use them and the specific advantages and disadvantages of bulking and cutting. We will also explore the optimal foods to use when cutting or bulking.  

This course explores the ins and outs of bulking and cutting, including some pros, cons, and recommendations for doing them.


Course Outcomes

The outcomes you can expect to learn from the Cut vs bulk course includes:

  1. Understanding the difference between a cut diet and a bulk diet, and the respective goals of each.
  2. Learning the key components of a cut diet and how to start a cut diet .
  3. Learning the key components of a bulk diet and how to start a bulk diet 
  4. The pros and cons of bulk diet and cut diet 
  5. I will explain the foods to eat and limit 

Overall, the course on Cut vs bulk diet can help you develop a better understanding of nutrition and fitness principles, and provide a foundation for making informed choices about your diet.

That depends on your goal. If you’re looking to gain muscle and strength, then bulking is the better plan for you. If you’re looking to have a more toned body, then you want to go on a cut.
That depends on how much muscle you’re looking to gain. With an intelligently-designed bulk plan you can gain 0.5 kg (one-half to one pound) per week, but you should only lose 0.25kg (half a pound) per week on a cut.
Bulking is when you intentionally gain weight, preferably muscle mass with little fat. Cutting is when you lose fat while trying to mitigate muscle loss.
The purpose of bulking is to gain muscle mass, but you will unavoidably gain some fat. The goal is to make it as little as possible and that’s why it’s recommended your caloric surplus is no larger than 500 calories.
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Duration: This course requires 1 hour of reading, reviewing and learning per day for 3 days. Then you can apply these nutrition skills for life.
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