Course 37: Gym workout 1 

Kings & Queens Gym Workout: A Royal Regimen for Strength and Fitness

Welcome to the Kings & Queens Gym Workout, a majestic fitness routine that combines compound movements to sculpt your physique with the strength and grace of royalty. This workout features a blend of powerful exercises to target various muscle groups, designed for both kings and queens striving to rule their fitness journey.

  • Course Outcomes (What you’ll learn)

Members smashing the Kings & Queens Gym Workout, a majestic regimen that includes exercises like flat barbell bench press, superset dumbbell row, incline dumbbell press, superset barbell row, barbell squat, barbell hip thrust, and renegade row, can lead to a variety of positive training outcomes for individuals committed to their fitness journey.

Consistently engaging in this royal workout can result in the following benefits:

  1.  Increased Muscle Strength: The combination of compound movements like bench press, dumbbell row, and squat engages multiple muscle groups, leading to overall strength improvement. This workout promotes functional strength for everyday activities and sports.
  2. Enhanced Muscle Definition: Through exercises such as barbell squat and hip thrust, participants can develop well-defined muscles in the legs, glutes, chest, back, and shoulders, resulting in a more sculpted physique.
  3.  Improved Upper Body Endurance: Supersetting exercises like flat barbell bench press and dumbbell rows challenges your upper body’s endurance, enhancing your ability to perform repeated movements without fatigue.
  4. Targeted Upper and Lower Chest Development: The inclusion of incline dumbbell press targets the upper chest, contributing to a well-balanced chest development along with the flat bench press.
  5. Back Strength and Posture Improvement: The combination of dumbbell rows and barbell rows strengthens your back muscles, aiding in better posture, balance, and reduced risk of back discomfort.
  6. Enhanced Lower Body Strength: Barbell squats engage the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, leading to increased lower body strength and power.
  7. Glute Activation and Development: Barbell hip thrusts are an effective glute-building exercise, aiding in developing strong and shapely glute muscles.
  8.  Core Stability and Strength: Renegade rows challenge your core and stability muscles as you perform the exercise in a plank position, enhancing overall core strength.
  9. Functional Fitness: The variety of movements in this workout enhances your functional fitness, making daily activities easier and more efficient.
  10.  Increased Calorie Burn: Compound exercises require more energy and engage multiple muscle groups, leading to a higher calorie burn during and after the workout.
  11. Mental Resilience and Focus: Engaging in this comprehensive workout regimen fosters mental resilience, discipline, and concentration, translating to other aspects of life.
  12. Confidence and Self-Empowerment: As you conquer challenging exercises and progressively lift heavier weights, your confidence and self-empowerment grow.
  13. Improved Flexibility and Mobility: Incorporating static stretches during the cool-down promotes flexibility and helps prevent muscle tightness and injury.

Remember to maintain proper form, listen to your body, and progressively challenge yourself. Consistency is key to achieving these training outcomes and reaping the rewards of the Kings & Queens Gym Workout.

Course Duration

Please allow 60 mins for this workout on each level

Yes, beginners can perform this workout, but it's recommended to start with lighter weights and focus on proper form. Gradually increase the weight and intensity as your strength and fitness level improve.

Beginners should start with Level 1 - DELICIOUS then after 2-3 weeks progressing increasing intensity by moving to Level 2 - SPICY and Level 3 - WEAPON.

You can scale all exercises based on your ability, injuries and fitness level.

Advanced members can challenge themselves by increasing weights, increasing reps and sets at Level 3 - WEAPON.
It's suggested to perform this workout 2 to 3 times a week with at least a day of rest in between sessions to allow for muscle recovery.
Yes, you can incorporate cardio on non-workout days or after completing the workout. Just ensure you're not overexerting yourself and allowing your muscles enough recovery time.
Prior to the workout, opt for a balanced meal containing carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscle support. After the workout, consume a mix of protein and carbohydrates to aid recovery.
Focus on proper form and use weights that are manageable, and start with light weights if you're unsure. If you're new to these exercises, please use super light weights and watch the videos for form.

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