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Delicious (Limited Edition)

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Do you want to be a delicious human ?

Then you need to do delicious things for your mindset, nutrition and training. This membership has the courses and a challenge for you to become the most delicious version of yourself.

Becoming a "delicious" human, in the metaphorical sense, involves developing qualities that make you attractive, interesting, and appealing to others. This means being fit, healthy, having good energy, kind, confident, passionate about your interests, having a good sense of humor, being a good listener, and treating others with respect and empathy. Essentially, it's about cultivating positive traits and being authentic in your interactions with others.

Are you ready to become DELICIOUS … ?

This monthly membership includes:
  • Access to 5 mindset courses, 3 nutrition courses, 2 workout programs and the famous 69 day Goaldiggers challenge
  • Private community forums
$29.00 / per Month*

* The price for membership is $29.00 per Month.