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This is the ultimate transformation guaranteed program. It is only available for a select number of people who want to join in the inner circle of Ben’s savages.

You will be guaranteed to hit your health, fitness, wellness and life goals otherwise you get your money back.

This is for the people who want to take their life to the next level and have the greatest life ever !

Becoming a “Savage” with this program involves developing traits like fearlessness, rresilience, determination, and authenticity. It means being unapologetically true to oneself, boldly pursuing one's goals, and standing up for what you believe in without compromising your values.

You will learn how to embrace challenges head-on, push boundaries, and refuse to be held back by societal norms or expectations.

We will channel this energy as an elite VIP savage team in a constructive and ethical manner by respecting others and striving to make a positive impact in the world.


  • 42 Online Courses

  • Access to private community forums

  • Monthly online webinar e-meet with Ben & other MUPD Weapon/VIP Savage members

  • Monthly in-person workout meet with Ben & other VIP Savage members

  • Full free-flow access to any course in any order
$149.00 / per Month*

* The price for membership is $149.00 per Month.