Course 40: Challenge 1: Alcohol free 

Challenge Description (What the course is about)

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the best version of yourself ?

Welcome to the 30-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge! Over the next month, you’ll experience the benefits of abstaining from alcohol and discover a renewed sense of vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance. This challenge is designed to help you break free from the habits that no longer serve you and create a positive shift in your life. Let’s get started!


Challenge Outcomes (What you’ll learn)

Those who went 30 days without drinking alcohol:


71 % slept better

57 % had better concentration

67 % had more energy

54 % had better skin

58 % lost weight 


When we stop consistently giving our brain neurotoxins, our body has a powerful capacity for healing


Challenge 1: ALCOHOL FREE CHALLENGE - Introduction
Day 1: Setting Your Intentions
Day 1: Setting Your Intentions Chekpoint
60-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge: Your Path to Transformation
60-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge: Your Path to Transformation Chekpoint
60-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge: Your Path to Transformation Pt.2
90-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge: Your Path to Transformation
The 90 day challenge
The 90 day challenge Chekpoint
The 90 day challenge Pt. 2
The challenge offers numerous benefits, including improved physical health, mental clarity, enhanced sleep quality, and an opportunity to assess your relationship with alcohol. It can also be a way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle.
For most people, a 30-day break from alcohol is safe and can be beneficial. However, if you have any concerns about withdrawal symptoms or medical conditions, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting.
Inform your friends and family about your challenge and request their support. Plan alcohol-free social activities and have non-alcoholic drink alternatives on hand when attending gatherings.
It's okay! Don't be too hard on yourself. Acknowledge the slip-up and use it as an opportunity to understand your triggers. Restart the challenge and continue forward.
Many people do experience weight loss as a result of reduced calorie intake from alcohol and improved dietary choices. However, it's not guaranteed for everyone, and the extent of weight loss can vary.
Absolutely! The challenge can be a springboard for adopting a long-term alcohol-free lifestyle if you find it beneficial. It's a personal choice based on your goals and experiences. We have the 60 day and 90 day challenges available for you to continue
If you suspect you have a more serious issue with alcohol, consider seeking support from a healthcare professional or a support group. The challenge can be a catalyst for addressing such concerns.
You can choose to drink non-alcoholic alternatives if they help you stay on track. Just be mindful of the ingredients and alcohol content, as some non-alcoholic beverages may contain trace amounts of alcohol.
The most commonly reported benefits include improved sleep, increased energy levels, mental clarity, and a sense of accomplishment. Many also find a new perspective on their relationship with alcohol.

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